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Adding the Bound Embed Code via Google Tag Manager (GTM)

This article explains the steps for adding your organization's Bound embed code to Google Tag Manager for deployment across your website.

Table of Contents:

  1. Create New Custom HTML Tag
  2. Publish Updates 

Adding Bound's embed code to Google Tag Manager allows you to easily add the Bound script to all pages on your website. 

Create New Custom HTML Tag

In order to add a new tag, you will first need to log in to Google Tag Manager. Then complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to "Tags" on the left navigation
  2. Click on "New" to create a new tag
  3. Name your tag "Bound Embed Code"
  4. Select "Custom HTML Tag"
  5. Click on "Continue"
  6. Copy and paste your custom embed code provided by Bound. This code is one line of javascript and resembles the following: <script src="//"></script> 
  7. After pasting your embed code, click Continue. 
  8. Under Fire On, select "All Pages"
  9. Now that you have set up all items, click "Create Tag"
  10. You should now see Bound Embed Code listed in your list of tags.

Publish Updates

Finally, now that you are back on the Tags tab, look for the red Publish button in the top right corner. Click this button to Publish. Following a successful publish, you should receive a Success! message. 


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