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Adding the Get Smart Content Embed Code into Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)

This article explains the steps for adding your organization's Get Smart Content embed code to Adobe DTM for deployment across your website.

Table of Contents:

  1. Create Page Load Rules
  2. Approve Rule
  3. Publish Updates 

Adding Get Smart Content's embed code to Adobe DTM allows you to easily add the Get Smart Content script to all pages on your website. 

Create Page Load Rules

In order to add page load rules, you will first need to log in to Adobe DTM. Then complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Rules and click on New Page Rules
  2. Click on Create New Rule
  3. Name the rule "Get Smart Content"
  4. Under "Categories," select "3rd Party" and set the value to GSC
  5. Under "Conditions," click the "Trigger rule at" drop down menu and choose "Top of Page"   
  6. Add any additional criteria as required (for example, specific subdomains)
  7. Click the + Next to "Javascript/Third Party Tags" and then click the "Sequential HTML" tab
  8. Click "Add New Script"
  9. Under the "Tag Name," enter in GSC and set the type to "Sequential HTML"
  10. Past the embed code from the Get Smart Content platform
  11. Click "Save Code"
  12. Click "Save Rule" 

Approve Rule

Next, click on the "Approvals" tab and approve the Rule that you have created. 

Publish Updates

Finally, go to the "Overview" tab and look for the "Publish Queue" button in the upper right. Click this button and then select the Rule you created for Get Smart Content and click "Publish Selected."


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