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The Importance of Rule Priority

The Importance of Rule Priority

This article will explain why the priority of Rules matters.

What is a Rule?

A Rule in the Get Smart Content platform is the component of a Campaign that connects Content to Segments. In order to serve personalized Content to a targeted Segment, a Rule must be created. 

Why Rule order matters

A website visitor can only see one piece of Smart Content per Campaign at a time. If a visitor lands on your website and multiple Rules apply to that visitor, a priority must be given to one of the Rules. When determining this priority, the Get Smart Content platform will start at the top of the Rules page and work downward. This means it is important to consider how you order your Rules.

Ex: You create one Rule to serve targeted Content to visitors from Texas. You then create another Rule to serve targeted Content to repeat visitors.

The Texas Rule is the first Rule on the page and the Repeat Visitors Rule is the second.

If a visitor comes to your website and is both a repeat visitor AND in Texas, the platform will deliver the Texas content because that Rule was listed first.  

As a general guideline, it helps to order your Rules from those that serve the smallest Segments to those that serve the largest. This allows you to target the narrowest Segment and then cast a wider and wider net, eventually ending with the largest Segment.

If you need to reorder previously created Rules, you can simply go to the main Rules screen and drag and drop your Rules, moving them up and down as needed. 

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